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Skandia House Bed & Breakfast ~ Cultivating  warmth and classic charm ~ situated in the heart of Nipigon.

17 Second St., Nipigon, Ontario, Canada

Skandia House
As the story goes…
We, three women friends, decided that we might want to pursue a new venture together. Levina had always been business-minded and had a dream of one day owning a bed and  breakfast. Pat was a great cook acquiring culinary expertise  from her mother;  her parents are  from Fano, Italy. Tasha, who enjoyed  the healing arts had a desire to one day own a little business by the waterfront. Thus Skandia House was born. 
Nipigon has a long rich history that dates back to 1909 with the fur trade and logging. This tiny community of 1500 residents enjoy all the delightful pleasures of simple living. Nipigon is one hour from an international airport in Thunder Bay. Come explore our charm!
The hostess’ are Levina and Patricia. Tasha, hostess and Innkeeper lives on site.
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